Moving or Re-Installing, Replacing Pads

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Replacing Pads

The bluebot device comes with ultrasonic pads already installed. They are clear, very sticky, and placed on the sensor train directly over each of the the two white round sensors. You should be able to easily see through the pads. If this is true for your device, you probably do not need to replace your pads at this time.  If there is grime on the pads, we recommend washing them with warm soap and water.  The device is waterproof so no damage will be done by cleaning the sensor pads.

Tip: If your pads are clean, but have some cloudiness, you can lightly moisten the included cloth and gently clean the pads with warm water and soap to get them as clean as possible.

To work properly, the bluebot sensors need an unobstructed signal to the pipe. This means any dirt, debris, paint, grime, or other obstructions either on the pads or the pipe itself can contribute to a poor result. 

To replace the ultrasonic coupling pads, use the included silver C-clamps and carefully prop the bluebot arms open. Slide the c-clamps around the open bluebot arm. Do this for both sides. Once your bluebot is propped open, you can remove the existing pads and install a new set (included). 

The ultrasonic pads are very sticky and can be difficult to remove. Take your time and peel from the edges. Once the old pads are removed, you will need to install a new set. Each white round ultrasonic sensor needs a new ultrasonic pad to be placed directly on top of the plexiglass. Begin by removing the protective paper on each side of the coupling pad. It is preferred but not required that the side of the pad that is stickier is placed down on the sensor.  The less sticky side of the pad will be on the pipe so that when removing the unit, the pads stay on the unit and not on the pipe. 

Once both pads are replaced, carefully prop the device arm open while removing the c-clamp. Do this for both sides. Your bluebot device is now ready to rescan or reinstall. 

Moving bluebot to a new location / pipe 

Thanks to our clamp-on technology, you can easily move bluebot to another location. Simply delete the meter from your app and begin a fresh installation from the menu.

(images/instructions on how to fully delete) 

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of the bluebot team, contact us directly at or call/text (831) 275-2715 M-F 10 AM - 6 PM PST.

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