Top 5 Connection Tips

Modified on Thu, 07 Oct 2021 at 10:28 AM

Here are the Top 5 Tips for a successful bluebot pairing and Wi-Fi connection.

1. AP Mode:

AP mode stands for "Access Point" mode and is an important step to getting bluebot connected.  During connection, it is likely that your device is displaying a solid green light upon power-up. There will be a step during the app led connection process where you are instructed to press and hold the power button down for 5 seconds until it begins flashing green and then turning solid green.

Some users skip this as the device may already be displaying a solid green light. Do not skip this step as it refreshes the handoff from bluebot to your phone. 

2. Accepting the “Join” prompt quickly:

During connection, bluebot will create it's very own network that your phone needs to connect to for the "handoff" of information to your Wi-Fi network. Bluebot essentially becomes a mobile hotspot during this process and you will get an invitation to join the bluebot network.  Selecting “Join” promptly is strongly recommended.

We understand that it can take a few minutes in some cases for bluebot to ask you to join the bluebot network and leaving bluebot to sit may seem tempting, but this can cause a failed connection and require you to restart from the beginning.

3. Accepting Mandatory iOS Location Settings Prompt:

The bluebot utilizes your phone to identify and connect to your local Wi-Fi network. In order to access the Wi-Fi information per Apple’s iOS rules, Location Settings needs to be temporarily enabled during the connection process of bluebot. We do not use, log, or store any part of this data. You can disable location settings immediately after bluebot commissioning is complete.. 

4. Validate Network Credentials:

Seeing a red light? Please take the time to write down your network name and password. It's important to confirm your Wi-Fi credentials prior to connecting bluebot to your network. An incorrect Wi-Fi password will cause the connection to fail and will produce a red light. Please remember network name and password are CAse SeNsitive.

5. Connect Your Device Near Your Router

For the initial Wi-Fi connection of bluebot to the cloud, it is required to have as strong "full bars" Wi-Fi signal.  This is important because during the initial connection process you are programming the bluebot firmware.  Being near your primary source of Wi-Fi makes the process a lot easier and much more reliable. Once connected and instructed by the app to take out to the install location and have connection issues, you can confirm it's due to the distance from the router and not the bluebot itself.  

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of the bluebot team, contact us directly at or call/text (831) 275-2715 M-F 10 AM - 6 PM PST.

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