When it comes to iOT devices, proper preparation prevents poor performance.

We strive to make our product as user friendly as possible so your install experience a pleasant one. Your experience will vary based on your comfort level with new technology and your understanding of your physical plumbing.

15 tips for a positive install experience.

  1. Start with a compatible iPhone or iPad (iOS version 14 or newer)
  2. The app leads you through the install process.
  3. Understand your water system and plumbing. Read Article
  4. Understand the limitations and product capabilities of bluebot. Read Article
  5. Read all the documentation in the app and watch our basics video.
  6. Verify you have at lease 1-bar of reliable 2.4ghz Wi-Fi by holding your phone at the location and checking the bars.
  7. Initially connect the bluebot to the 2.4ghz network inside near your router with full Wi-Fi bars and NOT at the install location. 
  8. Manage your Wi-Fi expectations and do not attempt to install the bluebot 100 feet from your home, be prepared to purchase a quality repeater/extender for your bluebot if your water main is far away. Read Article
  9. Locate power nearby before bringing the device to the install location.
  10. Locate a compatible install location and clean the pipe segment of dirt, paint, debris using the provided sand paper disc and microfiber towel before installing the device for the first time.
  11. When bluebot scans the pipe for flow for the first time ensure the pipe is full and pressurized.
  12. Input your water bill by tapping "dollarize" to get more accurate data (default is $0.03/gallon).
  13. Pick a custom graph data color by selecting the color pallet icon.
  14. Set up your first alert, select flow over time to measure for small or big leaks etc.
  15. Create a group budget for all your devices in each location or an individual budget for each meter.
  16. Check your app daily, explore your data and learn about your usage, use the tools to meet your goals.

Note: After installation your app may feel a little empty, this is normal! Give the app time to fill up with water data and you will begin to see patterns in your water usage over time.

Poor Install Experience

While the product is designed to be user friendly and universal you will undoubtedly have a less than ideal experience resulting in multiple installation attempts if you do not prepare ahead of the install.

If you have weak Wi-Fi, are unfamiliar with your location’s Wi-Fi environment, or have old pipe at your location, you may have difficulty connecting or installing your bluebot.

At bluebot your experience is our number one focus so please reach out so we may assist you with installation as we can often resolve most issues with you in a short amount of time.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of the bluebot team, contact us directly at or call/text (831) 275-2715 M-F 10 AM - 6 PM PST.