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The bluebot water iOS app is the second part of the bluebot smart water meter system (hardware + software). The bluebot water iOS application is where you will see all recorded water data and configure settings and alerts around this water data. This walkthrough is intended to serve as an introduction to the app and guide you through some of the basic functions and features of the application.

If you're in need of immediate support you may submit a ticket or call us directly during support hours at (831)-275-2715

Downloading the app

To get started with your app graph your compatible device running iOS and open the app store app.

Type into the search bar "bluebot water"

Find the app listing and download the application by tapping the download icon. This is also where you will update your application when new updates and patches are available.

Creating an account

 To begin the account creation process locate the bluebot application on your device.

Step by step:

1. Open the "bluebot water" application

2. After the app loads, select by tapping create account with your finger

3. Enter a valid email address.

4. Create a strong password by using one uppercase character, one number and at least one special character like an

5. Enter the 6 digit code sent your email address.

Didn't receive the code? Check your spam, other or junk first then select "Resend Verification Code".

6. Enter your first and last name.

7. Once you've reached this screen your account has been verified successfully.

8. Here is where you will decide if you want to immediately move to device setup, if you select sharing you will be taken to the group dashboard, which will be empty if your a brand new user. 

Logging In

For existing users or users sharing accounts under one user ID and password phrase.

Step by step:

1. Open the "bluebot water" application

 2. If you're logged out you will be greeted with this sign in screen, select "Log In".

2. Enter your account user ID, the current app only accepts emails as a log in but in previous versions of the app a phone number was used as a User ID. We recommend writing down your log in info storing it in a password management system.

Forgot Password

If you forgot your password phrase you may use the "Forgot Password" link to initiate the reset process.

After you enter your user ID we will send you a verification code, please enter that code in the app to complete the reset process.

The navigation menu for the v2.0 app has moved to the top left corner of your screen. Tap the menu to expand it and tap anywhere outside or the icon again to close the navigation menu.

Use this menu to navigate to the following sections in the app.

Group Dashboard

The dashboard is the heart of the application, this is where you will find your water data organized and displayed into segments for easy use. In addition to your data you will find useful tools for budgeting, alerts, and notifications.

By default you will have a group called "bluebot" with either zero or your first device inside this group. 

The last group had open will become the default group view on your dashboard.

Group Toggle

By default your very first group will be called "bluebot" which will appear at the center top of your screen. Here I have renamed my group "beach house" so I may find it easier.

When you tap the group toggle a menu will drop down with all your groups, this is helpful for quickly navigating around. Here you can see I have our flow lab group the beach house group and two shared groups from friends and family who have shared access with my account.

Group Chart

The group chart displays all the water data for all the devices inside the group with a maximum of 5 devices displayed simultaneously per group.

Each bluebot you configure may have its own color allowing you to see collated water data and usage all at once. 

For more info about the chart functions and each view read onto individual device section.

Devices List

This is where your successfully set up devices will appear if you are in the correct group, if not use the Group Toggle to switch groups.

To view individual usage and see more specific data for each meter, tap it with your finger.

Group Budget

Group budgets allow you to set a budget for up to 5 meters, using monthly or weekly intervals. You can have a maximum of three group budgets, we recommend one for gallons and one in dollars. 

To create a budget simple tap the blue plus sign Icon and a menu will appear.

Set your interval, amount, focus and notification threshold and tap create to add a group budget.

Group Profile

Tap on the update or arrow to pull up the group profile settings.

Update the name and description for your groups, when ready tap "Save Changes" to update your group name and description. Descriptions show up on the groups, perfect for multiple zones or properties.

Individual Device

To access your specific device data tap the name of the device you want to view individually on the group dashboard.


Individual Chart 

The individual chart will only show one device at a time allowing you to focus on a specific water data and events.

The chart contains five separate formats for your water data, a custom range tool and a default graph view selection. 

Segmented Controller

The Segmented controls allow you to view your data in five separate formats, Live, Hour, Day, Week, Month. Each format contains separate benefits and tools. 


The first in the world, the bluebot app offers a near instant live water view to your usage. The live flow profile line graph displays the last 5 minutes of usage and the live gallons per minute rate of flow.


The hourly flow profile line graph displays the current hour of data and resets every hour to the next hour. To navigate one hour at a time use the custom range controls displayed at the bottom of the chart.

Use your thumb and index finger on the line graph to expand or contract the data. You may also tap and drag the data window through the hour.


The day view bar chart displays six hours of data in the field of view to see more data use your finger to swipe through the twenty-four individual hours of water data.


The weekly bar chart displays a full week at a time, use your finger to scroll through the data. You may also tap on each bar to Totalize and Dollarize individual days. To clear your selection tap the X in the top righthand corner of the bar chart. This works on all bar charts in our app.


Use the month view to see a full month of historic data at once. This view is very telling after a few months and is very useful for spotting trends.

At a glance

Here you can see your peak usage day and time. Please allow one full week of water data for this to become accurate.

We plan to add additional statistics to the At a Glance section in the near future.


These budgets are for your specific device

To create a budget simple tap the blue plus sign Icon and a menu will appear.

Set your interval, amount, focus and notification threshold and tap create to add a group budget.


The notifications log doubles a record for your alerts and budget notifications and reports. 

Tap "See All Activity" to see the log.


To create or edit alerts, tap start from the group dashboard then select your  and scroll down to the alerts section. Tap the blue plus to create a new alert. Swipe right to view all alert types.

Quite possibility the most powerful tool in the app our alerts allow users to create time, dollars and gallons based notifications. Each alert is focused on daily usage and monitoring, for weekly and monthly alerts use the budget tool.


The hardware / device profile contains all your meters general, network, calibration and sensor details. You can set up your meter specific water bill, calibrate the meter to Zero flow and set a K factor for special applications.


The general section displays your meter name, install date, serial number, firmware version and device group location. 

Tap the name cell to update your meters name. If instructed by support this is where you will attempt a firmware upgrade. You may also move your meter to a new group here.


Great for troubleshooting, your Wi-Fi network and Strength will be displayed here.

In the future we will allow you to update the network here, the feature is currently under development.

Calibration - Read Supporting Article

Use this section to hone your meters settings and get the most out of your bluebot smart water meter.

Water Bill

Water Bill input controls your charts Dollarize factor and gives you a cent per gallon estimate on your water usage.

Add your bill total, gallons and period to get an update value. 

If you set it by accident you may reset it to the default values.

Tip: if you want a specific value use use 1 gallon and then select the total .03 for example to get 3 cents per gallon.


This calculation is used if you are comparing two meters in the same line and due to application differences they read differently. If you set it by accident you may reset it to the default values.

Set Zero Point - Read Supporting Article

Ultrasonic sensors sometimes require calibration if False flow or Noise is detected, before setting your zero point, read the supporting article and follow the instructions.


This gives you the ability to manually trigger a rescan of the pipe, this is useful for increasing the signal quality and strength of the ultrasonic sensors if poor signal is detected or if you need to move the device. If you move your device, make sure you change the pipe type under "Install Location".

Install Location

This section allows you to see your selected pipe type and the recorded pipe size. (1.3" is the actual size of 1.25")

Sensor details is where you may see your signal quality and strength on a more granular level.

Sensor Details

Signal quality and signal strength are ultrasonic measurements essentially letting you know good your install location is. 

Move To New Or Existing Group

For users with multiple zones, meters or properties you may need to move your meter around for organizational purposes or business.

To move your device to a new or existing group make sure your in the individual device you want to move then select "Move To New or Existing Group".

New Group

If you want to create a new group, erase the name and the description and write your new name and description and simply save the changes. When you go back to your group dashboard you will see the group name has changed and the meter has been moved successfully to a new group.

Existing Group

To move the device to an existing group select "Add To Existing Group" and select the group from the carousel and select Done.


Grouping a powerful tool for individual home owners and property managers. 

Groups can be used to monitor multiple zones, multiple properties or multiple water lines specifically.

Create a new group

To create a new group, tap the blue plus sign in the top right corner of the screen. Next add the name and description and save the group.

To enter a specific group dashboard tap the group name with your finger.


The unassigned section in groups is essentially a recycle bin for meters you may have deleted by accident. You may restore accidentally deleted meters from the unassigned section.


Our application supports unlimited sharing with your family and friends. Our sharing system utilizes the iOS contact list to share with your friends and family. 

As of 11/4/21 Our sharing process is currently being overhauled please use the temporary step by step process below to share access. We're improving the user interface and user experience for ease of use. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

When sharing follow this process.

The iOS contact you select in your phone must match the contact email the intended Sharee used to create their account.

Step by step:

  1. Ensure you have your friend or family member listed as a contact in your iOS contact, add their email address to your iOS contact.
  2. Have your friend or family member create an account using the email address you added to your iOS contact. When creating an account have the intended Sharee select "sharing" when asked how they intend to use the app today. if they already created an account update your iOS contact card with the email they used to create the account.
  3. Select sharing in the navigation menu to get started
  4. Ensure the intended Sharee has the app installed and an account created.
  5. Tap the blue plus sign in the top corner of the shared access screen to get started and follow the in app prompts
  6. Send the SMS to the contact and ensure they open the link
  7. If the group does not show up right away, force close the app and reopen.
  8. If no group appears with your meter you may need to check that the email in your iOS contact is in fact the same as the email on their bluebot account.

Set up a device

There are multiple areas in the app you can set up new devices but the easiest way is to just use the navigation menu and select "Set up a device". You will be taken through some educational screens about surveying your property then eventually prompted to plug in your device and connect it to our cloud, finally you will scan the pipe at your surveyed install location.

Survey - Read Article

The site survey screens are intended to be educational and guide you to a successful installation. As the screens state you will need to locate your main water line or irrigation line, if you cannot locate it look for your main shutoff valve. This survey is in no way definitive, the bluebot can be installed on any compatible water line to measure volumetric flow. 

If you cannot locate your shutoff valve go to your water purifier / softener / heating system and find the cold water line. Once you locate a potential install location use your phone to check the Wi-Fi strength, if you Wi-Fi is weak from being in a basement or deep hole you may need a extender or repeater to increase the signal strength. After you confirm the Wi-Fi, locate power nearby, we provide you a 10' power cable for this exact reason. Finally check that your pipe is compatible. The last step of the survey requires you to select the pipe type.

Supporting Articles:

Connect - Read Article

Follow the in-app steps to connect your bluebot, if you have issues use read the supporting articles or submit a support ticket.

The bluebot device transmits data using Wi-Fi technology over a wireless access point in your home. A wireless "Access Point" (AP mode - solid green LED light) allows wireless devices to connect to the wireless network. For bluebot to operate efficiently you must have a dedicated 2.4ghz network configured on your network. Most internet service providers set up two networks by default 2.4ghz and 5ghz, bluebot will only work on a 2.4ghz network. Dual band networks are also acceptable. 

Supporting Articles:

Install / Scan

After pairing your device to the network your device will connect to the cloud and you will be prompted in the app to scan the pipe to complete your installation. Read the supporting articles for additional tips and tricks.

Supporting Articles:


Inside the account section you will find your Account Information a password reset function and your notification preferences.

Account Information

You may edit your name and your phone number on your account, the username is permanent and cannot be modified.


Here you can initiate the password reset process and update your password.


Set your desired text alert number and preferences.

Not a fan of text alerts? Turn them off! Just toggle the switch to the right of each section to turn them off.


Consider this a living document, we will be updating it often to reflect the updates in our application and I hope it has served you as an aid or inspired you to create your first alert to get the most out of your bluebot smart water meter.

The bluebot water app is constantly improving thanks you amazing customers like you. Our goal is to create the best water monitoring application in the world and we're motivated to meet your needs through excellent customer service and agile software development.

If you have a comment, idea or critical feedback please send it directly to or call us directly at (831) 275-2715

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