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When installing bluebot, you can select a section of pipe as short as 4” (the footprint "length" of the bluebot device). Please note, that the 4" section needs to be "pipe only" with no couplings or fittings.  Clamping over couplings or fittings will cause bluebot not to measure. Any obstruction causing the bluebot sensors not to directly touch the pipe, with a snug tight fit, will produce unfavorable results.

Longer Pipe Section is Preferred

Whenever possible, we recommend identifying the longest straight section of pipe that you can find for installation and clamping bluebot onto the middle of that section. 

Straight Pipe Required

Though bluebot is compatible with PEX and PE pipe types which can have a slight bend to them, bluebot must be installed on a straight or the straightest possible section of that pipe.. Both ultrasonic sensors need to be snug, tight and on the centerline of the pipe for best results. 

Learn more about picking good pipe here.  

Align The Sensors

To produce a strong ultrasonic signal and deliver reliable flow data, the bluebot device's ultrasonic sensors must both be aligned directly over the pipe. The device has a notch on each end to assist you in achieving proper alignment. In most cases, a tight squeeze of the device onto the pipe will help the device center itself onto the "^" shape on both sides underneath the unit (See drawing below).  Tip: it can help to draw a straight line down the centerline of the pipe so you can "eyeball" the installation to assure excellent alignment.

Learn more about ultrasonic sensor signal here.  

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of the bluebot team, contact us directly at or call/text (831) 275-2715 M-F 10 AM - 6 PM PST.

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